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What is Restorative Yoga?

What is Restorative Yoga?buddhabliss-300x220

Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga that utilizes props such as blocks, straps and bolsters to encourage the body to release into the poses, and thus, create a deeper sense of relaxation.
Typically, the poses are held for five to ten minutes.

Restorative yoga helps to initiate the relaxation response, balancing the nervous system and optimizing energy flow to the organs. The poses help lift immune function and enhance the process of digestion. Basically they set the whole body up for deep healing, growth and repair.

Restorative yoga provides an effective bridge between active practice and meditative practice.

Why should I practice Restorative Yoga?

In a chronically stressed state, quality of life and perhaps life itself is at risk. The body’s capacity to heal itself can be compromised, inhibiting recovery from injury or illness, or it may create new illness or injury, including high blood pressure, ulcers, back pain, immune dysfunction and depression.

The antidote to stress is relaxation. Restorative yoga focuses on relaxation, renewal, effortlessness and ease. Blankets, bolsters, straps, and other props safely support the body in various postures which allows the body to move towards a state of balance. This practice soothes your nervous system, helps you quiet your mind and invites you to release deeply held tension.

Restorative poses cultivate the habit of attention. The mind should always focus on the breath. When you notice your mind wandering bring it back to the breath. You can also focus on where and how you hold tension. Then use the breath as a tool to release the tension. Breathe to the area of tension and on the exhale release the gripping. During these periods of deep relaxation you will be healed and nurtured from within.



One thought on “What is Restorative Yoga?

  1. 7.12.13
    My husband and I have been attending Jill’s restorative yoga class for quite a few months already and absolutely love it!! We look forward to her classes each week and she makes it so enjoyable to learn. We love how patient and encouraging she is and how she takes the time to really make sure that everyone in the class is getting the most that they can out of it. We take her zumba and strength training classes as well and she is a fantastic instructor. We highly recommend all of her classes and she takes a personal interest in each of her students. She is simply the best at what she does!!
    Reyna and Kevin Baldwin NY

    I have been taking Zumba classes with Jill for years now and it didn’t take me long to feel like I was someone special in her class. She makes everyone feel welcome and addresses any concerns you might have with your workout that particular day and offers variations. She always has a smile on her face, is very upbeat, works as hard as her class and genuinely cares about the people in her class. She takes the time to get to know you and misses you when you are not there. I started taking restorative Yoga with her over the past year and just love the classes. She sets a very peaceful tone in the room and you feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout the session. I would recommend her to anyone and have recommended her to many people. She works with people of all ages and is an inspiration to all.
    Judy Goebel

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