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From my clients…

My husband and I have been attending Jill’s restorative yoga class for quite a few months already and absolutely love it!! We look forward to her classes each week and she makes it so enjoyable to learn. We love how patient and encouraging she is and how she takes the time to really make sure that everyone in the class is getting the most that they can out of it. We take her zumba and strength training classes as well and she is a fantastic instructor. We highly recommend all of her classes and she takes a personal interest in each of her students. She is simply the best at what she does!!
Reyna and Kevin Baldwin NY
I have been taking Zumba classes with Jill for years now and it didn’t take me long to feel like I was someone special in her class. She makes everyone feel welcome and addresses any concerns you might have with your workout that particular day and offers variations. She always has a smile on her face, is very upbeat, works as hard as her class and genuinely cares about the people in her class. She takes the time to get to know you and misses you when you are not there. I started taking restorative Yoga with her over the past year and just love the classes. She sets a very peaceful tone in the room and you feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout the session. I would recommend her to anyone and have recommended her to many people. She works with people of all ages and is an inspiration to all.
Judy Goebel
May 2, 2013 – Julie D., West Hempstead NY
 “5 Stars just about says it all!!! Jill is not just an amazing instructor but a friend as well. I have been taking Zumba with her for about a year now and recently started strength training with her as well. She will push you when she feels that you can handle it, and when one of your body parts might not be 100% she will make suggestions on modifying a particular excercise. She has been there so many times (I lost count) for me on so many levels I can’t begin to thank her. She will always bring out the best in you. If you are looking for a trainer, you need not look any further. You will love her as much as All of us do!!”
Jul 10, 2013
I love restorative yoga with Jill. It is the best part of my week. It is relaxing and the stretching has been great for those tight spots on my back. Jill is encouraging and allows you to go at your own pace. Everyone should try Restorative Yoga with Jill. She’s amazing!!
Sharon Guskin
Joanne Devine
On Nov 21, 2011
Jill is the best!!! I joined the gym a few years ago and signed up for personal training and along came Jill (thank God). I had been going through chemotherapy on and off for a few years when I started training with her. She is never without a smile or kind word and just being around her uplifted my spirits instantly.
I have worked with personal trainers before, but none have even come close to being as good as Jill. Her Zumba classes are a blast and highly addictive!!! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never taken one before, Jill makes you feel so comfortable that you’ll feel as if you’ve been taking them forever. Not only is Jill a wonderful trainer, she is a wonderful friend. She has a heart of gold and I can promise you that one session with Jill will be all you need to gain a friend for life. I consider myself very fortunate to have her in my life…
Joanne Devine
Amy Dagger
On Oct 08, 2011
The best way to describe Jill is that she is absolutely fantastic! About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. If you’re familiar with that disease it can be very painful and extremely disheartening. There had been days that the pain was so over whelming, I could barely get out of bed and face the day. I went to doctor’s visit after doctor’s visit and nothing seemed to help. I was just about resigned to the fact that this was my life or life as I knew it would never be the same. As a mother of 3 with a full time job you can’t imagine what this was doing to me!! Then, when I was just about ready to give up and was convinced there was nothing out there to help me, I took the last bit of hope I had and joined Synergy! I basically signed up with the idea that I would be canceling the contract and had absolutely no interest in training at all. Here is the most important part of my story! I tried my first Zumba Class with Jill Ackiron-Moses, loved it and loved her. Then asked around about trainers and Jill came highly recommended. So I said I’d do the trial sessions and that was it. After being with Jill once, I was ready to sign up for more sessions. After a few more times with Jill, I renewed for 24 more sessions because it’s the best thing that’s happened to me and I realized how important it is in helping me manage my condition. Since I started working with Jill, I have noticed a huge improvement in my condition! Thanks to Jill’s dedication and support I have my life back! She is kind, caring, knowledgeable and devoted to what she does. Jill trains me and has several different plans in mind to meet my needs for the day depending on how my body is feeling. She is able to instantly adjust and the fact that she is willing to do so speaks volumes about her!! Thanks to Jill, I went from being in pain with every step I took, to working out 5 days a week. (Which includes both of Jill’s Zumba classes and training with her!!) I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jill. As a result of everything she has done for me, I speak very highly of her and synergy every chance I get! Jill is an absolute treasure and an asset to your company! She has changed my life and for that I am eternally grateful.

Jill has inspired me to lose 75 lbs and 5 sizes!

Barbara’s Success Story

I am writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate the efforts of one of your staff members, Jill Ackiron Moses. Jill is the main reason I actually go to the gym and it is because of her that I have become a healthier, more active person.

Back in October 2009, I was very depressed and feeling down about myself because of my weight. I had been crying to both my husband and my friend about how bad I felt about myself. My friend told me to stop crying and to come to the gym as her guest.

When I walked into the gym that first day, I was obviously obese and I wasn’t able to keep up on the elliptical machine for more than 5 minutes. I was in tears. I don’t even want to tell you how much I weighed at the time because I am still embarrassed. My friend suggested that I join the gym and try personal training. Reluctantly, I accepted the personal training plan suggested by staff member, Steve, and waited for Jill to call.

I have to say that I wasn’t really motivated at first, but Jill’s bubbly attitude was conveyed even over the telephone. I started training with her and found that I wanted to try harder and harder each time. She adapted my routine to fit my needs and helped me recognize my strengths and weaknesses. She always followed up with me and kept me interested. She even convinced me to attend her Zumba class. I had never taken any type of class before and I am quite awkward to say the least. But with Jill’s help, I now am a regular attendee and enjoy Zumba whenever I can.

I am proud to say that Jill has inspired me to lose 75lbs and 5 sizes at this point. Each time I feel down or want to stop, she inspires me with encouraging words and compliments in and out of class. I don’t know what it is, but her patience and positive attitude make exercise enjoyable and this comes out during her classes. I even got my 13 year daughter to join Synergy and come to Jill’s classes with me. She has asked for personal training sessions, only with Jill, as a Christmas gift!

Thank you for having Jill at the gym. She is truly a gem!

Aggie Gold
June 21, 2012
I can’t even express how thrilled I am that Jill is my trainer. She is so good at what she does, and takes my complaining in the nicest way.
I believe that things happen for a reason, and Jill came into my life
at the perfect time. I needed to exercise, lose weight and just get healthier in general. All three are being accomplished and I really hardly complain anymore.
I certainly would recommend Jill whole heartily.
Christine Morvay
On Nov 26, 2011
I am BLESSED to have made one of those RARE findings…that would be JILL! She began as my Zumba instructor in a class where I knew no one and INSTANTLY made me feel welcome and most comfortable with her warm and caring manner and funny sense of humor!From there, she became my personal trainer and I’m proud to call her a friend! While I moan and groan and tell her “no way” during our training sessions, she encourages me to try harder, to be my best self, and works with me when I need her to make some modifications and changes in my program…not to mention her FLEXIBILITY with my crazy schedule!Her dedication is admirable, her skills and expertise are second to none and her work ethic is outstanding…she is determined to help as many people as she can and indeed she has!We are lucky to have found this angel on earth!THANK YOU Jill! : )
Donna Ferrara 2.7.13
The minute I walked into Jill’s class, I felt welcome. She creates such a positive atmosphere and her love of what she does is absolutely infectious!!! I have been taking Jill’s classes for almost two years, and because of her I have been able to lose over 40 pounds (and four dress sizes). Most importantly, I feel better and have more energy. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and inspiration, Jill! (My husband thanks you too…especially for the bellydancing moves and the hot hula…wink wink…)
judith cohen
On Jul 05, 2012
Jill is super/ duper !! She is smart, extremely skilled, a pleasure to know, and fabulous to work with– a great sense of humor and a true professional !! She is unique in the world in which she works– and I highly recommend her without any reservations !!
Joanna Mantone 2.8.13
She is always incorporating new, fun dance moves to popular songs. She brings elements from all kinds of Zumba into our class and makes it so enjoyable for everyone! She makes you want to go home and dance! She knows what she’s talking about when it comes to being healthy and fit. Jill is nicest person you wll ever meet
On Jun 25, 2012

I have been working with Jill for almost 2 years. She comes well prepared and changes the routines each time to keep you interested, motivated and at the same time working different body areas. i highly recommend training with Jill.

 On May 05, 2012

I might be one of Jill’s newest clients, but i have quickly become one of her biggest fans. Since November 2011, when I retired after a long career behind a desk, Jill has been wonderful in designing a productive training regimen which has already helped me begin losing weight, and regaining important motion capabilities, balance and strength.She is very flexible and adaptive whenever we need to make changes in our training dates or my exercise routines, and is always positive, friendly and inspirational. A dear friend, who has worked with Jill for years, recommended her to me. Since our first session, and every single expectation of mine has been exceeded.Alan S. Oceanside, NY
Gigi Nicolas
On Apr 26, 2012

I have been taking classes with Jill since the fall of ’09..in that time I believe I’ve only missed a handful of classes. We started our friendship through Baldwin Continuing Ed and its been a beautiful thing! Jill is not just an instructor she is a beautiful inspirational women who keeps us inspired! She was the best find! For all of us who already have her how lucky we are, for those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to meet her I’d get on it! She is caring and loving individual who is great at what she does and shines because she is great at it! I’d follow her anywhere! -Gigi Baldwin, NY
Danielle McCarren
On Apr 20, 2012

I was looking for a Zumba instructor to teach a group of girls at my sons school in Valley Stream. I searched the web and found JILL. I had never organized a large group of women before to excercise, never mind, as a fundraiser also. I had many questions for Jill and she was patient and accomodating in answering and providing solutions to every one (” I can’t ” is not in Jill’s vocabulary) .Her professional references were impressive and her personality optimistic…so we went foward with our Zumba.Though I had never seen or met Jill prior, she ended up exceeding our expectations and now we are on our second Zumba fundraiser. We’ve booked another 10 weeks.
Every week, evenings.., Jill is there early without fail… smiling, joking, and motivating us. As a group of women, we were all chose to improve our quality of life through, fitness, laughter and encouragement. As a parent, I know we all get weighed down by our hectic schedules.., with Jill’s help we all make time for ourselves.
Jill”s classes every week, gives us the opportunity, to burn off the weeks’ stress and calories. Jill’s generosity has enabled us, as a community of parents, to support each others goals and encourage each others well being. It is great to see the smiles on everyones faces at the end of the class. Sometimes, the kids tag along and we all get a laugh out of the kids dancing along to Zumba from 7 yrs old to seniors in high school. It has been a wonderful experience that we plan on continuing for a very long time. Not only is Jill, professional and reliable..,she is a genuinely good person and her positive attitude shapes the attitude of the whole group. I now also attend Jill’s boot camp at her studio, and my own health goals are becoming more and more attainable. Jill is a great communicator and is All About “solutions and living well” in a realistic and attainable way. She’s like a stand up comedian/motivational speaker/ and Zumba instructor rolled into one. From all the “Moms in valley stream sd 13” Thank you for all that you do.
Evelyn Chassagne
On Nov 21, 2011

Extremely knowledgeable, unlimited energy, and tremendously personable! Jill is amazing and she’s everything you’d want in a personal trainer. I would recommend her to everyone, and her classes are hi-energy and super fun!
Shireen Abed
On Jan 25, 2011

Jill is everything you’d want in a personal trainer. She is extremely knowledgeable and is constantly keeping abreast of the field. She guides you systematically through the various phases of training. The bonus is that Jill is so personable that workouts with her are actually fun. Her zumba classes are wonderful as well. She’s the best!
Aimee Pontrelli
On Nov 08, 2010

I first met Jill in March 2010 at the gym where she was a trainer. I came upon her class by accident when I passed the workout room and decided to take the class. The first thing I noticed when I took her class was her enthusiasm and her love for instructing the class. Jill continues to keep us on our toes with her choreographed dance routines and varied music selections. Lots of people are talented and coordinated but a good coach can break down the process into understandable parts so anyone can enjoy moving in a new way. What makes life great are those “oh, I get it” moments and Jill can give you those. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer, Jill’s instructing will always make you feel like you are doing something new and worthwhile.
Dawn Casalino
On Nov 08, 2010

Jill is certified in a multitude of varied activities — Zumba, TRX, yoga, weight training. Her Zumba classes are fun and easy to follow (unlike others I’ve taken!). She is always striving to learn new things and improve her craft. I highly recommend her!

Learning Why Training is Important

MJW’s Success Story

I have had arthritis and Parkinson’s for over 11 years. I feel the exercises have helped improve my range of motion and my balance. With Jill’s help, I’m feeling much better. Jill is a wonderful trainer – she not only demonstrates but explains the “hows” and “whys” of each exercise.
Valley Stream, NY

Training CAN be fun and effective!

Joan’s Success Story

Both my husband and I have been training with Jill since early July of this year. We are
her first clients at 5:30 a.m. To say that Jill has changed our lives would be a perfect assessment
of the effect she has had on us.

Since she is aware of our need to rush off to our business in Brooklyn, she is always on time.
Her appearance is fresh, her mood is bright, her techniques are learned, and her approach is always professional.

Jill began our sessions with questions involving our age, our health, our abilities, our outlook on
life, our eating habits and our goals. She explained her methods and her ambitions for us. Every
meeting left us anxious for the next.

She listens to my husband’s corny jokes and laughs along with him; she is so respectful of our age and our abilities. She guides us through our work outs, makes suggestions, offers her gentle “critique” and makes the entire experience a pleasure. We easily progress to the next level without
ever feeling the pressure.

We have trimmed down; we hurt less; we laugh more and even getting out of bed at 4:45 a.m.
is not so “terrible” all because of Jill.

Please know that we have gone to other facilities; had other personal trainers and tried this regime several times in the past. We never had fun doing it. This new venture at the gym has been absolutely beneficial and pleasing. We look forward to a long standing relationship.

Very truly yours,

J. G Baldwin NY

One thought on “From my clients…

  1. Jill gives wonderful classes, be it Zumba Gold, Yoga or F.L.A.S.H.! Jill’s expertise in teaching and sharing her knowledge with us is amazing. We, at the Bayswater Senior Center, have become healthier and more agile because of her. She motivates us – and it’s all FUN! We so appreciate you, Jill! THANK YOU!!!

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